The time of the pike


When autumn starts faster seek-winter, then finally to the limit cools the water in big rivers, lakes and reservoirs, where usually different live large, trophy fish. It ice water causes the activation of hardened pike, during the warm season as if “hidden” in a dark and cool depths, where almost no sunlight penetrates.

Active life hardened predators begins when the water cools below twelve degrees, but this determines the lowest rate of digestion at any of the fish. Also, the big fish, the process of digestion of the feed slowed for the reason that it is almost not growing. Therefore, successfully hunt the day before, “crocodile” at the next hunt will be released soon. So from the angler in late autumn and pre-winter takes a lot of patience and endurance that only a nibble, maybe a week regular fishing happened and the mighty fish sat on the hook.

With sufficient practical experience, it is possible to think that the big pike in some of days left to feed, and it appears likely its grasp. The reason is that this predator feels the rightful owner of the pond and therefore does not tolerate next to no competition. In your diet a solid pike give a clear preference for various small predators — perch, Berchem, young perch. In many bodies of water in their diet “toothy” sometimes up to 70 percent, and even more. Probably this delicate food easier to digest at a low temperature of the water. Possible, and get the pike pack small predator easier, since he always fed quite “noisy”, even if it is not on the surface that allows the teeth to quickly find this collective slaughter. In addition, hunting trails under water all the predators usually intersect at certain hours of the universal feast.

Knowing the characteristics of a feeding pike fishing, experienced anglers and lovers of live-bait fishing for years to find water, and then carefully guarded from prying eyes they found a kind of fish “groceries”. There always accumulates a trifle, and here different predators regularly come to feed. And on particularly good places they go, “trains”, each other, following a specific schedule and subordination. This, for example, might look like this: gambling biting “striped” suddenly stops, and after some time, it may be a few stupid Zander and “hit” correctly chosen bait, and then all will replace or attacked, dispersed a large single pike.

Focusing on the production of a large pike, experienced anglers try not to leave the place where volumetric pike lure during the day annoying “knock” okoneski to which pike has a special weakness. Sooner or later it will appear here, but the waiting period will largely depend on the proximity of the fall season to winter and the current weather situation. The main thing in the hunt for “matarua” is that a big pike is a predator apparently twilight, not loving the excessive light. But bass, on the contrary, in open water, usually fed in the light of the day. So pike could attack the flock of perches, when the activity “striped” will reach the highest stage that often happens in the afternoon.

In connection with the behavior of hunters and victims picture fish schooling predator looks like this: in the morning the activity of perch increases gradually, as the seal of the pack by cormen place, then, reaching Jora, biting almost stops and resumes the next day. But such a pattern typical of a Sunny autumn day, what are in the period of the Indian summer, and then hopes in the grip of a large pike “under bass” is not enough. She is likely to find themselves in the twilight on the borders of the pit, where dwells a lot of bream and white bream, which are quite active in the evening.

Different may be the case, when given a day of quiet and cloudy. Then feeding time perch as if compacted to two or three hours after noon, when light levels are low, a very positive approach to matyora pike. In this situation, it is the detection of active perch or bersh may be the key to a successful hunt with a spinning rod for large pike, I have to show some patience in the process of catching continuously assessing changes in the behavior of small predator, while using bottom posting bait carefully “feeling” the relief of the fishing spot. You should try to find either a snag or a groove, or a steep ledge on the bottom. It is likely, secretly here will suit pike and stand here in a fighting position, it was with this “point” can occur only by bite. An indication that a predator was near and ready to attack, is the change of mood in the pack perch — they suddenly depart significantly from the previous zone for a bite or rise to the upper layers of the water, or if he was gone.

Found and checked the point bites “matyora” is not particularly important what the bait is tied to the line. The main thing is that between it and the line was fairly long metal leash. The most reliable would be cut very thin steel strings with length less than 30 cm, equipped on the one hand a strong swivel and at the other end of the fastener, designed for loads up to 15 kilograms.

But it is necessary not only to achieve the fish to bite, pike still need to reliably detect and eventually bring the case to the gaff, or to the roomy net. And in many cases a small hook in “Okuneva” the bait will not be able to hold back the forces of the mighty predator, not embedded itself deeply in her mouth or breaking the jaw, that is, through and through. Then towing an enviable trophy is fraught with offensive gathering.
At purposeful catching of a large pike at the time of her high activity fishermen prefer to use ready-made or assembled special “pike” bait, based on the fact that seasoned sharks rarely attack small prey, and volumetric, dimensional, sluggish playing bait it attracts it from a long distance. In addition, it is necessary to consider that such a massive predator is a bad Sprinter and a hijacker, and won’t chase fast moving water in a small simulation. Pike’s interest will most likely cause stately, measured play of the lure, slowly moving near the bottom, while periodically falling to the ground, imitating a wounded or sick, and therefore available to the victim.

Suitable game have usually a large jig baits type foam fish and vibrohvosta; there is good large and wide oscillating spinners, which it is well known that many successful models. Often used large diving lures marked “Deep Runner” — they can operate as a kind of “step,” making a quick PREROLL rush to the bottom, and then slowly float up. When fishing the lures of other types at a shallow depth very efficient twitching near the surface or in the water column — the so-called jerk posting. What bait to choose is not so important, the main thing to consider for its application, conditions of fishing, as well as possible local preferences of pike.


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