The therapeutic properties of faceted glass (social satire)


Лечебные свойства гранёного стакана (социальная сатира)

I congratulate “dear Russians” with great trinadtsaty holiday – the Day of faceted glass. This is truly a great event uniting hundreds of millions of citizens of our country, and perhaps all Russian living in dozens of countries.

Yeah, I guess it’s true – faceted glass has become a symbol of the unity of the nation slaves. For many workers, even from generation to generation isazadeh the oligarchs, faceted glass has become a fixture of their lives. The slogan of many workers was: “No day without a glass”.

Well, where there is a faceted glass on the table must be pickles and sauerkraut. As they say, soup and porridge – our food. And no ham, Parmesan cheese and oysters. Ordinary workers such food causes fermentation in the minds and the desire to find cobblestone, which is known to be very dear to the proletariat.

By the way, faceted glass, indeed, has healing properties. Once you sagrestia, for example, that you have small salary, you should drink from the cut glass as your mood improves.

But if your wife will go to another, for example, to a rich businessman, then skipping a couple of times from faceted glass, you will first have to forgive her, and then thought, even though she will live in prosperity and human.

But that’s not all ! Look at this picture. Please note, some turbid liquid in the bottle. And in faceted glass she instantly became like a tear Komsomol, which refused to pour the liquid.

We are so used to using faceted glass, sometimes did not even notice them. But knowledgeable people do not accidentally speak (or rather sing): And without glasses life is bad, Not good anywhere.

In General, there are smart people who understand the importance of this attribute of our serious life. They came up with a truly popular song, “Cups faceted fell off the table, Fell and razbilsya crashed my life”.

Old people have always taught their grandchildren so: take Care of the glass from the youth ! And their grandchildren are grown, over time, and will understand the main law of working life: My faceted glass small, Noah drinking from your glass ! What a pity that it does not understand the Russian corrupt officials, oligarchs and bureaucrats.

Here’s ask someone to do the hard work. And hear the refusal, saying, once, tired, health is not. But once you say, “But glass will ?”, as you say, “And what earlier was silent ?”.

The Russians, take care of your thick glasses ! After all, they are still very much depends in our lives. They give us strength, give meaning to our lives and, God willing, will give workers the determination !..


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