The taxi drivers are rebelling and are demanding higher rates


I think that the story, which has long warmed the nerves conscientious drivers, fester like a snowball all the discontent, and in the first days of winter exploded with a bomb.

From 2 to 4 December, Palestiina strike of taxi drivers. In social networks and messengers taxi drivers agreed on the boycott of aggregators which, in their opinion, taking exorbitant interest for the service connection, in addition, taxi drivers demanded higher fares.

On the one hand, I understand the motive of taxi drivers. On the other – strange amounts that I like everyone else pay for the use of their services.
There were days when I reach home, I gave almost $ 1000 due to high demand for the trip that you think is too huge a price to pay for small journey from home to work. Mower this trip just not worth it.

What then is our problem?

“The taxi market is ruining the total lack of control and the dominance of migrants willing to work for meager money, say trade Union leaders and human rights activists. This leads to the fact that the quality of services falls, and the accident rate of taxi is growing every day.”

This, alas, could not agree more, I almost stopped using “Yandex”, because often the address is coming people, it does not know neither the city nor the routes, which in itself is a disaster, and given the fact that taxis often cause it to as soon as possible to get to the point of destination, it becomes very sad.

No one wants to sit in traffic just because a taxi driver did not understand how to drive and so on.

It is noted that the first “riots” was unorganized, and therefore, have not attracted much publicity, but they will happen and there is a possibility that we are all with you in their Metropolitan areas remain one moment without cars at all.

What the aggregators?

According to the News, they are all more than:

“On the dynamics of orders and the number of drivers who daily come to the line, the service works normally. The demand for taxi, as always in December, increasing. Like every year, this is due to the fact that with the onset of cold weather and snow that people are more likely to book a trip. The high demand caused by the influx of drivers — now they are in line the national average of 5-10% more than a week ago”, — the press-Secretary of “Yandex.Taxi” Natalia Rozhkova.

Hell of a job

According to trade Union activist Popkov, Moscow is now the average earnings of a taxi driver’s net is on average 50 thousand rubles, provided at least 14 hours a day, in the regions, the income of taxi drivers is significantly lower under the same load. In the near future the state Duma will be held the hearing of the bill on a taxi, which will reflect the norms of the responsibility of the aggregators for the work of taxi drivers, the responsibilities of the authorized body to monitor aggregators, keep the registry.

As for me, all this is high time to centralize, because the situation with negligent behavior of the taxi drivers and passengers, is becoming more.
All parties must be immune from this shit.

Now the Commission aggregator taxi starts from 25%, another 5-6% is the company that connects the driver to the aggregators, or individual owner that rents cars for rent.

The residents, who arrived in Russia from neighboring countries, accustomed to the RFP in 10 thousand, so the amount of 30-40 thousand per month is acceptable, while in Moscow, for example, the money just does not pull, and if the family?
In General, situacin of topekan.
In this regard, friends, I have a question. How often do you use aggregators?
How right the taxi drivers? Whether to raise the fare in a comfortable environment?


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