The tax take of the Crimea “under the hood” resort apartment. Where to go to Ukrainian owners?


Налоговики Крыма берут "под колпак" курортные квартиры. Куда деваться украинским хозяевам?

The Federal tax service of Kazakhstan started to assemble a database on the Crimeans who give shelter for rent. First of all, we are talking about illegals who pay nothing to the state.

This fiscal service has requested data from municipalities and municipal utility companies – water utilities, electricity, etc. Now it is not necessary to carry out raids on coastal areas and breaking them down with the checks. It’s simple, if in summer, the house spends an inordinate amount of water and excessive wind meter reading, then there is clearly get the shadow income with visitors.

– I think this is a new approach. We receive information: it increases the power consumption of a certain citizen. It is clear that in the holiday season picking people, the demand for light is growing. Same with water, – has confirmed the technology chief of the Federal tax service of Russia on Republic of Crimea Roman Nozdrachev. According to his estimates, “approximately 40 to 60% of the income” of the population resort regions is still in the shadows.

According to informed sources in this Department special attention will be given to citizens of Ukraine who own property on the coast of the Crimea. Practice has shown that Russian separatist gromadyane tax-“payers” do not pay at all. Justification: from the moronic “don’t znamo, Yak TSE rabitsa” to advanced “podine opodatkuvannya mizh our cranny zaboronen”.

Especially a lot of Ukrainians still rent apartments and mini-resorts in the Big Yalta and Alushta. Now they still have to pay – both to non-residents. Alas, but this tax rate is much more expensive. Scho robyt? Output at least three. To sell the property at a knockdown price, or to renew it in front of the citizens of the Russian Federation. Will have to move because of tax evasion can run into forfeiture by the court.

A third option is to hope that the Crimea will resume the practice of unified registration of patents on the delivery of housing for rent. Then, maybe, numbers of payments for the Ukrainians and Russians are the same. Well, there’s a last chance to solve the problem. Yalta mental hospital is willing to accept patients who claim “the imminent release of the Ukrainian Crimea”.

Ilya Sergeev


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