The symptoms of stomach cancer that cannot be ignored


Симптомы рака желудка, которые нельзя игнорироватьOncologists pointed to signs that may appear at an early stage of development of malignant tumors in the stomach.

To begin with, cancer of the stomach is exposed to people leading unhealthy lifestyle. Especially without risks for smokers and those who abuse alcohol and gets to eat high-calorie “heavy” for the digestive system food.

Often with stomach cancer face men because they smoke more, drink and eat properly, in contrast to women, who are trying to monitor their health. But this statistical factor does not indicate that women are out of risk zone.

Cancer of the stomach, and the majority of varieties of cancer, is problematic to diagnose in the beginning of development. That is, the tumor grows in the body and does not manifest itself for a certain time, and then when it reaches a certain volume and flows into the second, third or fourth stage, it can spontaneously Express themselves with the characteristic symptoms.

These symptoms may indicate the presence of cancerous tumors in the stomach:

fatigue, unexplained weight loss and fatigue is the common symptoms of cancer and not only;

– epigastric pain after eating can easily be attributed to the manifestation of peptic ulcer disease, but if they are too long and disturb you at night, so it’s not food-related, then they may indicate cancer of the stomach;

– frequent attacks of nausea and vomiting unrelated to the poisoning of food, and in the vomit of gastric cancer can be blood;

– increased salivation;

– difficulty swallowing and heartburn are symptoms can be found if the tumor was located in the upper part of the stomach;

– poor appetite.

It is not necessary to sound the alarm ahead of time, if you find yourself one or several of the following symptoms of stomach cancer. It is best to urgently pass the examination and identify the cause of these symptoms, maybe it is not cancer, but some less dangerous disease.


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