The Swedes introduced the “smart” pepper spray


Шведы представили "умный" перечный баллончикIt has the siren and the geolocation function.

The Swedish company Plegium on technological exhibition CES-2019 in Las Vegas introduced the “smart” pepper spray.

The box has the siren and the geolocation function.

“Smart” spray has better security than usual. It can be synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth. For this you need to download a special application on iOS or Android. After that the selected contacts to receive messages, the owner of the cartridge used it. The app also sends the data with geolocation on Google maps.

The spray has a siren. Its volume is 130 decibels. In the device wbudowany lamp. They will help to target the attacker. The light of his desorientiert.

Smart pepper spray will cost around $80.

Шведы представили "умный" перечный баллончик


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