The surgeon explained why we should not abandon fluoroscopy


Хирург объяснил, почему не стоит отказываться от флюорографии The doctor commented on the initiative of the acting Minister of health.

Thoracic surgeon, Professor Igor Kalabukha considers the idea of acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun depart from the practice to undergo regular x-ray examination failed.

“In my opinion, this idea failed. The practice of mandatory x-ray screening led to the identification of many diseases in preclinical stages, especially tuberculosis and lung cancer. And, today, I see no alternative to fluoroscopy”.

However, he suggests that the refusal x-ray examination, will motivate economic feasibility.

“But still, it turns out that we can do more to lose than to save, if you count not only the cost of the budget for fluorographs, electricity and staff, but also losses from prematurely losing capacity and life of the citizens of adjustable budget”, – said the Professor.

“With regard to the questionnaires. Complaints appear when the disorder has already occurred. A patient with a lung tumor in the initial stage no complaints, and fluorogram the tumor is already visible,” says the doctor.

And much depends on the consciousness of the population. The questionnaire, too, need to come and fill in.

In developed countries, citizens value their health as their capital. Besides, a patient with health insurance is required to pass a medical examination, or hurt his insurance policy.

“We have some patients more responsible for the condition of their cars than to their health, going through the survey once in 5-10 years”, – concluded the doctor.


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