The sun remained 100 years: a UFO made an alarming forecast


Солнцу осталось 100 лет: уфологи сделали тревожный прогноз Scientists say that the star will exist for much longer.

A group of ufologists believes that soon the Sun will go out. This, according to experts, indicates a very small number of spots, which each time becoming less.

So, Dmitry Shikhov notes that the star did not live more than a hundred years, a century it burn out.

Life on Earth after the extinction of the star will cease after two or three days: the planet every minute will cool down a few degrees, and the result is the stomach freeze.

Scientists deny such a scenario. They claim that such a star like the Sun lives about 10-15 billion years.

5 billion light years already lived, so I stayed at least the same amount.


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