The Sun kicked up heavy duty flash


На Солнце произошла сверхмощная вспышкаThe outbreak was the largest since October of 2017.

The largest outbreak since October of 2017 was was in the Sun on the evening of 7 February. This was reported on Thursday on the website of the laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute. P. N. Lebedev.

The outbreak was registered at about 17:00 and was the largest since October of 2017.

Reported that the phenomenon of the star of the Solar system was the completion of the surge, which began 4 February. These days the x-ray flux from the Sun has increased by approximately 10 times.

“Flash is a so-called pulse type which, according to theory, is not accompanied by emission of solar plasma into interplanetary space. Such emissions are the main cause of the strong magnetic storms,” — said in the message.

Recall that a team of archaeologists from companies Wessex Archaeology have discovered an ancient building in the small English town of Larkhill, which is 2.5 miles from Stonehenge. Found columnar pit copy the location of the stone pillars of the ancient monument.

The construction of Stonehenge, one of the most famous archaeological monuments, built of large menhirs, Dating from the end of the fourth Millennium BC. It was then, according to estimates of archaeologists, the construction of the main ditch and the banks. The construction of the famous stone buildings began almost a Millennium later — about XXVI century BC.

The construction in the form of a plurality of intersecting ditches and embankments on the site of Larkhill Wessex Archaeology found in 2016 and found fragments of cow bones, and ceramic bowls of human skulls allowed the researchers to conclude that the building was used as a ritual center. Its construction is dated between 3650 and 3750 years BC.


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