The success of the Polish industry, or How to be in the EU


Успехи польской промышленности, или Как это быть в ЕС

Electrical engineering is 40% of Polish exports and provides a positive balance of foreign trade.

According to the Central statistical office of Poland, in 2015 the total Polish exports amounted to $ 178,7 billion euros. It is 7.8% more than in 2014, reports Radio Poland.

Poland exports exceeded imports by € 3.7 billion. Experts explain such results of the weak position of the zloty and an improvement in the economy in the West. In addition, the decline in oil prices has caused a decline in import prices.

Leader of Polish exports is the electrical industry – it is 40,9% in Polish exports. In 2015 sales abroad in this segment increased by 11.2%.

On the second place in export ranking – chemical industry, the third – food.

The largest increase in financial revenues was registered in the light industry, exports of which increased by 20% compared with 2014.

The main countries-importers of Polish goods were Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus and Russia.


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