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The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov said that again goes to the polls and, apparently, he was going to win. So sooner or later he will have to solve numerous problems accumulated in the region.

And ecology in General, and MSW landfills in particular, it is only a small part of the problem.
In addition, there is the problem of stagnation of the Moscow region caused by uncontrolled and haphazard development, the problem of lack of social infrastructure construction of neighborhoods, the problem of road and engineering infrastructure of the old Fund military camps. The list can be quite long.
And another problem for Andrei Vorobyov became the protest mood of citizens. The protest is against the background of the environment at any moment to spill over into any of these problems because public interest in the environment, the time have obscured the other problems, but they have not gone away. And to solve them will be necessary.
The re-election of Andrei Vorobyov will take place amid the attention of the Kremlin, and, as they say political experts, not without some help from “above”. But it also imposes on the Governor Vorobyov a number of obligations, in accordance with which Andrei Vorobyov will have to radically change the policy towards civil society.
New sparrows, bitter experience of mass protests, will not be able to rely on the opinion of heads of municipalities and their own Vice-governors and Deputy chairmen. They all turned a blind eye to numerous violations in various fields, which led eventually to the growth of the protest, expressed his incompetence.
And, therefore, Andrei Vorobyov will have to create your own expert Council of municipal formations comprising of professionals versed in areas of each of the municipalities, and also their civic Council, which includes the most active activists of municipalities. This is the only way of solving problems and building a dialogue.
Otherwise, the newly re-elected Governor re – “come to the old rake”, which has a negative impact on his career.




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