The stunt showed some battle “Justice League” (VIDEO)


In the beginning of this week, the network has begun mass hysteria around a mystery version of “Justice League”, supposedly recorded by Zack Snyder, but which the bosses of the Studio decided not to spend the money and give the reins Widow.

But now to the request to alter the version Zach joined the actors who played the main role (Gal gadot, for example, published a photo with the appropriate hashtag), and today a video with the battles, not voshedshie in the final version, laid out and stunt.


Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Ideas, concepts, pitches…some may make it some don’t. Right direction or the wrong direction, you have to start with a direction. With a fight team of myself, Mike Lambert and Matt Rugetti here is little behind the scenes of a reality that could have existed. — Featured Performers: @spiderfreerunning @joannabennett_ @stunt_batman @kickassash @bigbenstunts @mrugetti @_talila_ — #releasethesnydercut #zacksynder #justiceleague #behindthescenes #bts #actiondesign #throwback #onlocation #uk

Does, polirani Freddy Bouciegues (@freddy_b_) 18 Fox R. 2019 about 9:06 PST


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