The study of Greenland’s glaciers has led to unexpected results


Исследование ледников Гренландии привело к неожиданным результатам Traces of ancient lead mining.

Scientists during a survey of Greenland came upon traces of lead, the emissions of which occurred somewhere between 1100 BC and 800 BC, This time, it should be noted, is characterized by the correlation of the civilizations of Europe.

Lead-silver ore has been actively developed in Ancient Greece and the Roman state. The production was so massive that the atmosphere was an awful lot of lead. He was transported by air currents over long distances, poisoning the territory.

Experts also noted that lead emissions were associated more with the mining of silver, which was used for minting coins. Scientists after the analysis of the degree of pollution will be able to learn the level of economic development of ancient States.

Especially a lot of emissions was in 900 BC when the Phoenicians expanded the network of trade routes in the Mediterranean, and during the heyday of the Roman Empire (I-II century ad).

Then with each century, the momentum of mining and processing of lead began to sbagliata. The Romans used lead to create water pipes. Then, no one knew about the dangers of the material, this caveat was the cause of mass poisoning people with heavy metals.


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