The students of the University of Australia will be able to buy cryptocurrency


Студенты одного из университета Австралии смогут совершать покупки криптовалютойPublic Institute of Australia commissioned a study which will allow students to earn cryptocurrency Ethereum, and then spend it on purchases in retail stores on campus.

The project is going to be implemented with the participation of a startup LoyaltyX the programme’s Rewards. To spend Air students will be able using a special application, which is recognized by scanners stores located near campuses of the University.

The idea is that for every tenth purchase in the store to students using the app will receive five dollars in essential terms, which owners can use for their own purposes — to preserve and increase or also to spend on normal purchases.

The initiative involved all 500 students who have applied in advance — they will help startup LoyaltyX and the University to gather data regarding the extent to which students are willing to use cryptocurrency and how it changes the behavior of the owners of cryptocurrencies after the first accrual.


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