The strongest magnetic storm covers the Earth


Сильнейшая магнитная буря накрывает ЗемлюAbove Ground burst, the most powerful in the last 20 years magnetic storm.

The strongest over the past 20 years, magnetic storm covers the Land, the power flows will rage for two days.

It will happen because of powerful solar flares. Such solar activity is extremely dangerous to spacecraft in orbit is a threat to human health on Earth.

Doctors warn that because of the magnetic storm may be a headache, increased blood pressure, mood disorders, mental disorders in exacerbation.

Doctors suggest if a strong meteozavisimosti not to get behind the wheel, and not to go down into the subway and ask for help to the doctors. However, most people the effects of magnetic storms at work do not notice. And truly suffer from them no more than 10 percent of the inhabitants of the Earth.


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