The streaming platform Netflix will edit the series “the Devil next door”


Streamingby Netflix will edit in a documentary series, and all after a big international scandal. So, the Prime Minister of Poland accused Netflix of rewriting history through a map of the country shown in the fifth series.

On the map, which showed the audience, the Nazi camps were identified in the present boundaries. According to Moravcova, this means that Poland during the Second world war has been an independent state and divided the responsibility for the existence of the camps.

Dokumentalny project “the Devil next door” was released on Netflix on 4 November. The series tells of the trials against former US citizen of Ukrainian origin John Demjanjuk (Ivan Demjanjuk). It was suggested that Demjanjuk could be a brutal guard “Ivan the Terrible”. In 2011, he was convicted of killing about 27,000 Jews in a concentration camp, where Demjanjuk worked as a guard.



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