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Самые странные в истории предметы гардероба. ФотоWhat did not make for the sake of beauty.

Beauty is, of course, terrible force. Because people are torturing their health in the pursuit of attention, but worst of all under the slogan: “so accepted”. And we are not talking about fashion trends with skinny jeans or shoes on unrealistic heels. What were the people of the past and does not go in comparison with our inconvenience. They know more what is sophisticated items of clothing.

Deadly corset

Perhaps the most famous and voluntary “instrument of torture” is a corset. Many of us have heard and seen in the films, as lovely ladies from lack of air to faint. This thing really is very dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

Самые странные в истории предметы гардероба. Фото

Once upon a time, the slim waist was a mandatory condition of female attractiveness. To achieve a wasp, and was created “favorite” ladies corset. From the moment he appeared, the girls forgot that is soft and comfortable underwear. They have acquired new thrill – shortness of breath.

In the 19th century, when the popularity of this things reached their peak, to go out without a corset was unlawful. Free from lacing waist was not welcomed and even condemned in any society. People thought it was disrespectful and spit in their direction.

Самые странные в истории предметы гардероба. Фото

But that man is pleasing to the eye, woman – mutilates. After prolonged wearing of a corset in women was observed horrific consequences. Suffered digestion, breathing, deformed internal organs, and it could even cause internal bleeding.

Самые странные в истории предметы гардероба. Фото

With 1874, a considerable list of diseases associated with its wearing. In the first document there were – 97 all sorts of ailments, including melancholy and hysteria. In addition to medical articles, the most obvious example of the harmfulness of the corset was the tragic death of the mother of six children – Mary Halliday. The autopsy found that the death of 42-year-old woman was caused due to the penetration in the torso frame of two steel rods.

Starched collar

Самые странные в истории предметы гардероба. Фото

The harsh fashion of the 19th century never ceases to amaze. Even the starched collar had become a hidden gun suicides. Innocent gate, which was created for the convenience of the men, turned to lock air. With his “help” was stop the blood flow to the carotid artery and the people simply suffocated.

Самые странные в истории предметы гардероба. Фото

This “killer accessory” even with a slight inclination of the head forward and blocked the air. And, if the person is not in control of himself, which is often the case in alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, the chance of such an absurd death increases dramatically. So, in 1888, John Croatti, drunk and asleep in the Park, was strangled by his own collar. He sat on the bench, just bowed his head.


Another suffering of women of the past is the crinoline. It is a structure of the skirt-Hoop, which creates an image of a fluffy ball gowns. With it, women have done their pieces a more sophisticated and feminine. This item of clothing to use along with the corset, creating a double dose of harm to health.

Самые странные в истории предметы гардероба. Фото

This skirt has forged a movement, and ladies had to wear extra weight. But all this pales in comparison to the real tragedies resulting from the wearing of the crinoline. Several ladies died from the fire this design. Dress the girls broke out in seconds. And if the woman did not die at the same moment, then it happened the next day.

Самые странные в истории предметы гардероба. Фото

To unsubscribe from this garment I decided after 3 deaths that occurred during the week. From “fire of crinoline” died – the wife of American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and two half-sisters of Oscar Wilde.

Alice in Wonderland is resting

Самые странные в истории предметы гардероба. Фото

Where it is Carroll up to the “Mad hatters” of the past centuries. That is the hat of master of 17-19 centuries, became the inspiration for this expression. The thing is that in the manufacture of felt hats used mercury. This substance contributed to the fact that the creators of the headdress literally went crazy. They observed high anxiety and a nervous breakdown.

Legs in bandages

Not only British dandies invented voluntary torture, China in this regard also scored. From the tenth century, women bandaged their feet and thereby deformed them. Blame – Oriental dance. The girl who is to appear before the Emperor bandaged feet silk ribbons, became a guiding star for generations. This tradition is deeply settled in the thinking of many Chinese beauties.

Самые странные в истории предметы гардероба. Фото

Despite the fact that such mockery was officially banned in 1912, some modern Chinese women still bind their feet shackles of tissue. Using a procedure they show your high social status. After all, the lady who doesn’t need the money and the work can afford the “bound” way of life.

Will lose a finger, but wear those

Chinese women are so severe that for the sake of beautiful shoes ready to say goodbye to your fingers. It is well acted, some Asian girls. In order for your feet to wear “squeak” medieval fashion in the form of shorter and pointed shoes – they voluntarily deprived themselves of the toes.

Самые странные в истории предметы гардероба. Фото

Beauty has always been and remains a contentious issue. But, due to tragic situations, such a severe wardrobe items sunk in the summer. And it would be possible to say that, thank God, but modernity is also famous for its fashion victim. So to avoid becoming a victim, you need to follow common sense and do not fit under the social frame.


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