The story of the scandal. One?


История скандала. Одного ли?

In early December of 2017 Rostov-on-don news was spread in one of the parks in the city is going to cut down about 300 trees and shrubs on an area of over one hectare. And immediately concerned citizens sounded the alarm, because the destruction in the city-millionth of that number of trees, and even in a forested area – an event out of the ordinary.
The city administration began to reassure citizens. Deforestation is not just so, and in the framework of the Federal project for the construction of the Museum “Russia – my story”. Activists immediately noticed that earlier already been selected and announced another location for the construction of the Museum on the left Bank of the don near the objects to the world Cup, to be held in Russia this year. But the reason for the transfer of the place of construction is not commented on, and the cheers of the felled trees, said that in return the Park will be planted about 700 new trees and shrubs, and around the Museum will equip lawns and flowerbeds. And this might be the end of the story: first, build a cultural object – a Museum, and secondly, will plant twice more trees, and even lawns with flower beds want. Indeed, it is possible to finish, if not three points.
The time first.
Largely the band, and personally, personally, disliked the choice of the construction site. Ostrovsky Park and the town centre is not, but the margin will call. First of all, the Park is known for its Children’s Railway, opened before the great Patriotic war and encircles the entire Park. Also in the Park, in addition to the rides, since Soviet times there are various sports facilities: swimming pool and Olympic reserve school №22, home base of the handball club Rostov-don and the school of Olympic reserve №8, home stadium and training base of the football club Rostov, (former Rostselmash), Junior driving school and track Club of tourists and climbers, the tennis Federation of Rostov region and its courts, Olympic training Center №1, and so on. Also in the Park a few years ago closed, and in the fall of 2017 officially opened the city’s first and the only one in my neighborhood area for walking and training dogs. Perestroika and capitalism also left the Park in their markings from a variety of cafes and restaurants, to shops, funeral homes and churches in place of the former cinema.

So what, tell someone, just all these sites will be added another one, law is not prohibited. And this is how you look.
First, according to the public cadastral map of the land plot on which is already under construction, may only be used for forest vegetation.
Secondly, the degree of development of the Park Ostrovsky reaches the limit allowed by law: 33%
Thirdly, this piece of land was put on auction for lease in October 2017. However, the lot was withdrawn from the auction.
How is it that the site was removed from the auction, and the limit of the construction of the Park is exceeded, and in the documents this section is designated for use as an exhibition hall, the trees cut down and the construction? As I explained lawyer friend, this is possible if there was a separate resolution on the city or, rather, at the Federal level.
That’s the whole answer. Why to comply with any laws, rules and regulations, if the state itself ready at any moment to break them a separate resolution? Laws broken, but everything seems to be legally impossible…
The second moment.
As you know, in a capitalist state nothing happens without receiving specific financial benefits. And the construction of the Museum in this case – not an exception. Rostov-on-don is not included in 10ку tourist centers of Russia, probably, in 20ку not included. And no one questioned the reason why the Museum was so urgently needed: the start of the full operation of the Museum is planned for early summer this year, just in time for the start of the World Cup, to the maximum to make a profit during this short period. It is for this reason the original Museum, but rather a theme Park was planned to build near the new stadium on the left Bank of the don. But the contents of such a Park and Museum complex is apparently unprofitable. Therefore, the construction of the Museum was decided to move somewhere closer to “civilization”, which already has fully developed infrastructure, transport and social. The Ostrovskogo Park is ready with its Park area, excellent transport infrastructure and sports facilities, in this case, the best option.

In order to minimize costs even more and not to enter a Museum on the city’s balance rent land for 5 years, design and construction, as stated in documents “exhibition hall with the exhibition “Russia – my story”” entrusted non-profit organization the Fund of assistance to socio-cultural development of the City, the main sponsor of which, oddly enough, is the administration of the city of Rostov-on-don. That is, the city allocates money to non-profit organizations in order to yourself to rent the land and build her showroom. From the city budget for this Fund has already been allocated in 2017, more than 57 million rubles, in 2018 will provide an additional 78 with superfluous one million roubles. And if to consider that now discussing the possibility of providing space for the future Museum for other purposes, then someone sickly warm my hands and my pocket for taxes citizens.
And the third moment.
From all irons of the country, and even the “guarantor” broadcast that it was wrong to falsify history, to rewrite it and all.
In fact, across the country we see that history is not only misinterpret and rewrite, but doing it all with a single purpose – to eradicate the memory of the people a time when a man was a Man, a friend and colleague, not a wolf, ready to cut the throat of the weak for pittance from the bounty of the manor. To edit out in the mud those people, who all gave their lives for the welfare and justice for the ordinary, hardworking people, regardless of nationality and religion. To conceal the very essence of these people – the pursuit of social justice and the ways that justice, at least temporarily, but made the elimination of private ownership of the means of production in the great October Socialist Revolution.
Capital in all its guises is trying to protect themselves and their future. For over 30 years, we are lying and slandering, gradually or the most brazen manner. Whether it’s the glorification of outright liars and traitors such as Solzhenitsyn and “innocent” of General Vlasov. Be it installation of monuments and memorial plaques Nazi criminals ataman Krasnov and Mannerheim. Open the Museum and its branches drunks all erefii with the pretentious name “the Yeltsin centre” and encourage the appreciation of its achievements: destruction, impoverishment and extinction of the population, the change in the interests of the people for alleged respect for the “great” powers. Yes, and the guarantor’s capital has repeatedly spoken out, advocating all the same stories.
TV, books, Newspapers, school — everywhere day by day we are told stories about a terrible famine, perpetual deficits, repression, genocide and inhumanity of the Soviet past and the whole of Communist ideas in General. So, do not expect the opening of the Museum of history of delivering the true history of Russia and its Soviet past. Perm Museum “Russia – my story”, which opened just a month ago, has already managed in the main display falsification of quotes of Lenin and Stalin. In others, I am sure you can find something similar if not outright deception and falsification, manipulation and silence. And it is not possible within the framework of the Museum exhibition to fully tell and to convey the essence and events of an era.
Conclusion?! And what here it is possible to draw a conclusion?
While we, the inhabitants of the country do not begin to actively fight for their social rights and guarantees, though the guarantee for children to know the true history of their country, we will not be able to fully live and raise their children in that state. With the state that every day and at all levels of lying to its citizens, clearly something is not right. And the reason is simple, it was formulated long ago by Lenin: “People always were and always will be foolish victims of deception and self-deception in politics until they will not learn behind any moral, religious, political, social phrases, statements, promises to search for interests of those or other classes.” And you can see how the capitalist class under the noble facade of the Museum building disguises a primitive desire to fill their pockets.

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