The state will steal the biometric data of Russians


The authorities of our country will have access to the biometric data of Russians without their permission. This will be the result adopted in the second reading of the bill on the biometric system and the remote identification of citizens.

After the law came into force, banks will have to transmit the voices and the faces of their customers directly to the FSB and the interior Ministry, and the resolution of the clients will not ask anybody. In other words, the above-mentioned organizations will be able to follow each of us, simply by downloading, in fact, stolen personal information in facial recognition. the advantages of all this include the possibility of use of banking services directly on the website services, but only after identification by voice and face, and then banks will not walk at all.

While not reported, will the Russians abandon the transmission of the first biometric Bank, and then people in uniform and identified by the old-fashioned way, that is on your passport directly to the banks. The date of enactment of the new law into force is not yet established, and it is not reported how well will a protected database in which to store the voices and faces of citizens of our country.


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