The state sold the firm “Melody” with a unique audioarchives USSR


Государство продало фирму «Мелодия» с уникальным аудиоархивом СССР

The record company, and in recent years the largest owner of audioarchive of the country – JSC “Firma Melodiya” – passed into private hands. In 1964 it belonged to the state represented by Rosimushchestvo.

100% of shares of “music” acquired company “Formaks”. In the auction organized by “VEB capital”, was attended by two companies – Formaks, OOO and OOO “Studio Union”. Last offered for the asset is exactly the price, which was assessed “Melody” – 320 million rubles, and the winner – 329,6 million rubles, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

“Melody” owns two buildings at Karamyshevskaya embankment and Tverskaya Boulevard. The total price could reach 300-350 million rubles.

Also “Melody” owns a library of nearly 240,000 audioprojektai recorded on analog tapes, vinyl records, hard drives and other media. This is a recording of various artists and classics of the Soviet period. But there are such rarities as the voices of Lenin and Mayakovsky.

In recent years, the main source of income “Melodies” is the music licensing for use in movies and advertising, and selling music products (CDs and LPS).



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