The state Duma will consider a bill to cryptorama


For consideration in the State Duma received a new bill on cryptorama – a virtual analogue of the domestic currency. He was added to another bill to create a national system of mining, and both documents prepared by Rizvan Kurbanov, the Deputy from the Communist party.

The first paper discusses and signs the definition of “scriptural”, in which the virtual coin is called a digital financial asset and is legal tender throughout the country, on a par with the ruble. He will be protected by some cryptographic algorithms, and, most importantly, you can’t be mine, making it of little interest for most Russians.

The second bill from the Communist party aimed at the regulation of cryptocurrencies in General throughout the country. In it the Deputy describes concepts such as “mining” and “miner” as well as “distributed registry digital of financial assets” and so on. The fate of these documents have already been foregone conclusion, as the government is actively engaged in establishing control over the miners and the crypt – soon will come into force a law requiring to pay into the Treasury a tax on any action with virtual currency. In Belarus, meanwhile, abolished all taxes on mining until 2023.


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