The state Duma has banned religious preachers go home


Госдума запретила религиозным проповедникам ходить по домам

The state Duma has changed the rules of the implementation in Russia of religious missionary activities, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

Appropriate changes to the legislation, the deputies adopted in the second reading of the so-called “anti-terrorism” package of laws.

The law introduces the concept of missionary activity, which is proposed to understand the propagation of the faith and religious beliefs outside of religious buildings and structures, other places and objects specially designed (provided) for worship, religious veneration (of pilgrimage), institutions and enterprises of religious organizations, cemeteries and crematoriums, buildings and structures for religious purposes, premises of educational institutions, historically used for religious ceremonies, as well as through the media, information and telecommunication network Internet.

Also prohibits missionary activity in residential premises. MPs banned and the transfer of premises in non-residential premises for the purpose of conducting religious activities. The deputies ordered the missionaries to carry the decision of the General meeting of a religious group or organization to grant them the right to conduct missionary activities with details, written acknowledgement of receipt and of registration of the notice on the establishment and early activities of such group or organization, stated in the law.

Foreign missionaries were allowed to preach only on the territory of the region in which they represent the group or organization.

“Not allowed to carry out missionary activities on behalf of the religious associations whose aims and actions which are contrary to the law, including which is liquidated by court decision, or whose activities are suspended or prohibited”, — the document says.

Also prohibits missionary activities, aims and actions are aimed at violation of public security and public order; carrying out extremist activities; coercion to destroy the family; infringement of the personality, rights and freedoms of citizens; drawing set in accordance with the law of damages morals, health of citizens, including use in connection with their religious activity narcotic and psychotropic substances, hypnosis, Commission of depraved and other illegal actions; encouragement of suicide or the refusal on religious grounds of medical assistance to persons in life-threatening health condition; hindering the receiving of compulsory education; coercion of members and followers of a religious Association and other persons to alienate their property in favor of the religious Association; the impeding threat of harm to the life, health, property if there is a real danger of its execution, or application of a violent impact, the other illegal actions the exit of the citizen of the religious Association; inciting citizens to refuse to fulfil their statutory civil duties, and to commit other illegal actions.

The religious Association will be responsible for the actions of their preachers. Another rule prohibits the release or distribution of literature, printed, audio and video materials without marking with the specified name or with incomplete or false labeling of a religious organization. Violation of this prohibition will result in a fine of up to 50 thousand rubles and confiscation of materials.

For the missionary or preaching activity in violation of legislation on freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and religious associations, the deputies decided to penalize citizens for the sum from 5 thousand to 50 thousand rubles, and legal entities — from 100 thousand to 1 million rubles. If the offence was committed by a foreigner or a stateless person, he will pay a fine and be expelled from Russia.


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