The stars, who managed to save the lives of other people. Photo


Звезды, сумевшие спасти жизнь другим людям. ФотоThe heroes among us.

Not everyone is able to quickly navigate in a critical situation and to respond adequately to the emerging danger. Especially if it concerns not you, a complete stranger. But many celebrities as it turned out, able to prove that they are ready to help not only on screen but in real life. Saved people are ready to thank their heroes for the rest of their days. The actual rescue just don’t understand how it was possible to do it another way, if there was a threat of life of man.

Harrison Ford

Звезды, сумевшие спасти жизнь другим людям. Фото

American actor many times in the movie saving people, and all of humanity. But in life on account of his not one life saved. He has long been interested in Aeronautics and instantly responds to calls for help. Harrison Ford, at its own expense and on their aircraft, which had about ten, I save people during floods and fires. He had a chance to shoot from the rocks and the hapless climber Sarah George, spent on top of a cliff a few days. He flew close to the rock, dropping the climber the rope ladder and picked up Sara on Board.

Kate Winslet

Звезды, сумевшие спасти жизнь другим людям. Фото

The star of “Titanic” has a really strong will and character. When the house caught fire producer Richard Branson hit him with lightning, the actress did not hesitate rushed to help the mother of the producer. The woman could not get out of the fire, and Kate took her in her arms. In just a few minutes from the house there were one brands.

Alexander Volkov

Звезды, сумевшие спасти жизнь другим людям. Фото

The actor who played Maxim Zharov in the television series “Return of Mukhtar” and relax in a cafe with friends, I witnessed a heart attack in an unfamiliar visitor to the same café. The surrounding was confused, and Alexander himself did not realize how to act. He knew only that the ambulance may not be able. The actor remembered him played the role of a doctor in resuscitation and began to do chest compressions and artificial respiration. The victim came to, and came to the rescue medics thanked Volkov for saving lives.

Demi Moore

Звезды, сумевшие спасти жизнь другим людям. Фото

The actress on his Twitter page found a message from one of the fans on the intention to settle scores with life. Demi tied the correspondence with the girl, at the same time calling the centre for the prevention of suicide. While the girl figured and wanted, the actress maintained a correspondence, urging the girl not to make a fatal mistake and distract her in different ways. Human life was saved thanks to the involvement of demi Moore.

John Malkovich

Звезды, сумевшие спасти жизнь другим людям. Фото

The actor left the theatre for a smoke and saw that nearby on the sidewalk bleeding middle-aged man. He ripped open his neck while falling on protruding rebar. John Malkovich rushed to save the man and clamped his hands on the wound until, until the ambulance arrived. If not correct the actions of the actor, the man just would bleed.

Egor Konaev

Звезды, сумевшие спасти жизнь другим людям. Фото

The rising star of Russian cinema who died saving the lives of other people. He assisted the wounded during a traffic accident on the ring road and was run over by a car. He was only 18 years old.

VIN Diesel

Звезды, сумевшие спасти жизнь другим людям. Фото

The actor was riding a motorcycle when he saw a car flying into a ditch. VIN Diesel went down to the car and began to pull out first, two frightened boys, and then their father, who was sitting in the driver’s seat. In recognition of the actor, in his mind hovered the thought that he will die at the peak of his career. But he bravely pulled one person after the other, and then sat beside them, watching as burns down the car.

Clint Eastwood

Звезды, сумевшие спасти жизнь другим людям. Фото

Thanks to him were saved from suffocation the owner of the Golf club Steve John choking on some cheese. The actor at the time was already 86 years old, and three times he raised the suffocating 100-pound businessman into the air, forcing the ill-fated the piece to jump out. But this is not the only saved by the actor’s life. He was a swimming instructor during the Korean war and single-handedly saved five soldiers during the crash of the submarine.

Prince William

Звезды, сумевшие спасти жизнь другим людям. Фото

Prince William during his service in the RAF was personally involved in the rescue of the girl surfer that was far out to sea and completely exhausted. In addition, he is a helicopter rescued from mount Snowdon tourist who suffered a heart attack and took part in the rescue of Russian sailors from the wreck of the freighter.


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