The stars of “the Avengers” showed the second halves. Photo


Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. ФотоThe biggest star of the Saga of the XXI century.

“The Avengers” – the most popular films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as they meet together all of our favorite superheroes and supervillains.

We wonder who chose the companions of life actors and Actresses, the biggest Saga of the XXI century.

1. Robert Downey Junior (Iron Man) and his wife Susan Downey

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Robert Downey Junior for many years now married to producer Susan Downey. They met on the set of the film “Gothic” in 2003 and 2005 got married. In 2012 and 2014, the couple had children.

2. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and his wife Elsa Pataky

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Actor Chris Hemsworth married in 2010. Married with Elsa Pataky have three children: rose in 2012 and the twins Tristan and Sasha in 2014. the Kids, by the way, I think that their dad is really a superhero. Isn’t that cute?

3. Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) and his wife sunrise Cogni

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Mark Ruffalo and actress sunrise Cogni got married in 2000. Now they have three children: a son keen (2001) and daughter Bella (2005) and Odette (2007). This pair is one of the most solid in Hollywood.

4. Josh Brolin (Thanos) and his wife Catherine Boyd

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Actor Josh Brolin, who played magazines and in “the Avengers” and “Tadpole”, married to Catherine Boyd. Together they raise two children from his first marriage to the actor.

5. Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson) and his wife Jennifer grey

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Actors Clark Gregg and Jennifer grey has been married for more than 18 years. They have a grown daughter Stella, who was born a few months after the wedding.

6. Cobie Smulders (Maria hill) and her husband Taran to Kill

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

This pair of actors got married in 2012, although they have been together since 2004. In 2009 and 2015 are the parents. RAM likes to share on his Twitter family photos, which we can tell that this family is very happy.

7. Samuel Jackson (Nick fury) and his wife Latanya Richardson

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Actor Samuel Jackson, whom we also love for his role in “Jurassic Park” and “star trek”, married actress Latane Richardson in 1980. Two years later they had a daughter Zoe, who works as a Director and producer.

8. Stellan Skarsgard (Professor Erik Selvig) and his wife Megan Everett

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

The Stellan Skarsgard, six children from his first marriage, four of whom became well-known actors. Two more kids actor gave birth to his current wife Megan Everett. So this is a big and talented family!

9. Gwyneth Paltrow (pepper) and her husband brad falchuk

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Gwyneth Paltrow has two children from her marriage to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. But last year the actress got married again – for the Director and producer of the TV series “American horror story” brad Felchak.

10. James Spader (Ultron) and his wife Leslie In

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

James Spader, who played the supervillain Ultron, a son of Nathaniel (2008), together with Leslie In. But from another marriage, with designer Victoria Fork, he also has two sons.

11. Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver) and his wife Sam Taylor-wood

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

British actor and producer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson at the age of 18 he met his future wife, 42-year-old Sam Taylor-wood, the film “Becoming John Lennon”. In the same year they got engaged. In marriage were born two girls.

This couple proves that age difference means nothing.

12. Paul Bettany (Jarvis and vision) and his wife Jennifer Connelly

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Paul Bettany and actress Jennifer Connelly has a son, who was named after actor Stellan Skarsgard. Seven years ago they had a daughter Agnes Lark.

13. Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson and the Falcon) and his wife Sheletta Chapital

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Anthony Mackie in 2014 secretly married his childhood friend Seletti Capital. Now they have three children.

14. Don Cheadle (James Rupert Rhodes Iron Patriot) and his wife Bridget Coulter

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Actor and producer don Cheadle, who plays the role in “Iron Man” is also a fine musician and plays the saxophone. In 1992 he started Dating Bridget Coulter. In 1995 they had their first child, and in 1997-m – the second. In the same year the couple married.

15. Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor strange) and his wife Sophie hunter

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Benedict Cumberbatch married Sophie hunter in 2015. Then the couple had a son Christopher Carlton. In 2017 they have a second son – Hal ODEN.

16. Peter Dinklage (Eitri) and his wife Erica Schmidt

Звезды «Мстителей» показали вторых половинок. Фото

Charismatic actor Peter Dinklage, who played the dwarf Eitri from Asgard, also known for his role in the TV series “Game of thrones”. In 2005, he married theater Director Erica Schmidt. In 2011 and 2017, the couple had children.


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