The spring moves came


That is the situation I observed on the last day of the month of March, when on the way to the country moved through a very small river.

I know its the terrain near the bridge and decided to try to catch minnows.

Winter fish here are a few he is standing on the pits, which are located downstream in the woods, to reach which is through a narrow gorge, covered with snow, is not possible.

Maybe it’s the fish and save us from a complete “knock-out”.

With the beginning of snowmelt minnow, and with it the bleak, go up to the bridge, to cross the threshold which they can not yet due to low water levels. Yes, and I do not want.

When the water level rises sharply from below will approach the roach, and white-eyed, but this year it will happen in two weeks.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

So fun to catch minnows with a spring of ice is possible in just a few days.

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Seeing that the situation is favorable, I could not stop and not to try to go fishing, the benefit of all the winter gear was still in the car.

Until changed, gathered and came to known Bocage at the turn of the channel, the sun came out and warmed sharply. I noted that the sun to catching fish now is good. May be a bleak Wake up.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

On the ice was empty. New holes to drill it was not necessary, because the “old”, without ice, was enough. Noted that catching people who know the terrain.

For the novice angler to catch in such conditions is extremely difficult. Firstly, you cannot sit in a hole waiting for the fish. Jet, where it goes, can be located only 20-30 cm around, but the fish with this jet will not roll. Even if it scare the fish after a couple of seconds will return to “his” stream of water.

The fish need to find. The force of the current is changing, and in a few hours the fish will move.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

Secondly, we need exact specs of the tackle. I only use the jig on the most thin fishing line to 0.069 mm. it is Necessary to minimize windage fishing line in the water current. When the depth of half a meter, even on such a thin line you have to put mormyshka tungsten alloy with a diameter less than three millimeters. I have for such conditions have a homemade jig from a tungsten electrode, which is noticeably heavier purchase.

Matter what to catch a minnow in a rather large body of the jig I soldered small hooks No. 18-20.

In search of hole with fish from me this time it took less than twenty minutes. A single bite was on the fairway, but the fish caught are small. Large for this river minnow focused on the tail of the reverse current. As the jets of water in such a rivers “walk”, the gudgeon has been on the move and catch had alternately two holes, spaced half a meter apart.

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Fishing technique is very simple. You can put the jig on the bottom and wait for a bite, but the best bait to play along. Sank to the bottom and repeatedly tap, pause 5-20 seconds and knock again.

In the hole I lowered with “sports” feeders for matchbox small moth, and in one of the holes on top left a small Supplement in the form of pinches of bloodworms in the hope that will react bleak or roach.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

The result is reacted with all the fish and gudgeon, and bleak, and white-eyed, and roach.

Within an hour I quickly caught minnows and bleak, so to fry and eat immediately.

Just going to go on to after lunch to engage in economic Affairs, as the rain started and the biting immediately stopped. Means time together.

After a few days the ice will dilute here, and catching it will be possible only after the spawning of the ban. This river is included in the list of spawning and catch ain’t even one float fishing rod with one hook.


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