The spread of the coronavirus: the latest statistics


Most were infected in Italy.

As of the morning of 10 March in the world has already recorded more than 113 thousand Chinese patients with coronavirus, had died more than 4000 people, reports the with reference to Browser.

In China over the past day registered 17 cases of death from pneumonia, 19 new cases. This was reported by the Committee of health of China.

Globally the epidemic has hit with renewed force. Victims COVID-19 steel has 463 people in Italy. 327 fatal cases reported in Iran, 53 in South Korea, 28 – in Spain, 19 in France, 17 in Japan.

The leader in the rate of infections is Italy. Now there 9172 person got the virus. During the day, their number increased by almost 2,000 people.

It also became known that the coronavirus has reached new countries – Burkina Faso and Mongolia.

COVID-19 revealed the couple over 50 years old. They arrived in Burkina Faso from France. Patients were placed in quarantine at the hospital. It is reported that the test results of another person who was travelling with sick, were negative, but he was also placed in quarantine.

The government of Mongolia confirmed the first case of infection by new type of coronavirus. The infection was discovered by a citizen of France, who came to work in Mongolia by transit through Moscow.

The first case of the disease was also found in Panama. This was confirmed by the Minister of health. According to him, the positive result of the analysis on COVID-19 received 40-the summer local resident.

Coronavirus in the world


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