The specialist told us why not to buy Chinese smartphones


Специалист рассказал, почему не стоит покупать китайские смартфоны The three main disadvantages of smartphones from China.

Experts told why not to buy Chinese gift new in any shops. According to experts, nothing good will come of it.

Pavel Gorodetsky conducted a personal investigation in the salons of communication – a month and a half visited electronics stores to see if how to sell gadgets from China. The result of their work, its incredibly upsetting. Paul created a list of the top three reasons why you should not buy product from China in the domestic electronics stores.

First and foremost, this smartphone is of poor quality. The customers was delighted with the news that China has finally learned how to assemble the phones of excellent quality. Yes, I learned, but it’s not the smartphones on the “good price”, for chasing naive lovers cheap and high quality phones.

Further, Paul spoke about the crazy prices and bad discounts. Love the shops during the discount seasons to do one tricky thing: to cross out the old high price of the smartphone, but instead to write a new, more acceptable for the buyer. Gorodetsky advises you to first check the price online, and then run headlong for a new purchase.

And in the end, Paul said the consultants, who are divided into two categories: the first are those that will honestly tell you that the device is bad and it is better to save up for a better model, and the second is the sellers who either a great gadget to use.

Paul encourages the purchase of new smartphone on the Internet: view features, read reviews and then buy the coveted gadget.


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