The Sparrow clan is taking his business abroad


Клан Воробьевых выводит свой бизнес за рубеж

The Governor of the Moscow region and his family have chosen offshore four years ago

The name of the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov last days does not come from news feeds in connection with acts of protest by angry citizens whose children were poisoned by gas emissions from the infamous suburban landfills. To address Vorobyov insults fly, snowballs and demands for the resignation. Clear answers to the claims of the inhabitants, the Governor can not give, but, as journalists found out, and he and his family have long prepared for possible emigration from the country, moving your business offshore.

“Resign! Resign!” such cries were met by the inhabitants of the Moscow region Volokolamsk, Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov on Wednesday, March 21, when he came to meet them due to the mass poisoning of children of landfill gas. Source of gas has become a garbage landfill, “Sound”, located just a few kilometers from the city and became an environmental threat. Citizens rightly consider that the regional government headed by the Governor for a long time did not want to spend the forces and means on the closure of the landfill, turned to officials in the feeder, and now can not, therefore, deserves dismissal. However, according to the publication “Charter”, Andrei Vorobyov is unlikely to be particularly resist the dismissal, as his family ready path of retreat to the West — a significant part of their business is derived offshore.

The Sparrow Clan

A successful big business in Russia today is almost impossible without connections in big government. A family of Sparrow adheres to this rule, as evidenced by their achievements in the business field. Basis for this given, first, the party career of the father of the Moscow region Governor — Yuri Vorobyov, who held various positions in the Communist party, and in the “zero” worked as the first Deputy Minister of emergency situations Sergei Shoigu.

“The position of Deputy Minister, especially in such popular and financially secure Ministry gave Yuri Vorobiev huge lobbying power to promote their relatives into power, and for creating favourable conditions for their business. In 2008, having reached retirement age, he was in the Council of the Federation and became a Senator from the Vologda region, handing over the reins of the clan in the hands of his eldest son Andrew”, — writes “Charter”.

At first Sparrow was engaged in the import of Norwegian Pollock and after, due to penetration into power, we managed to build a solid business Empire, working with individuals from Putin’s inner circle and other well-known billionaires from the civil service. Their interests the Sparrow clan is now in construction, food industry and banking.


The mother of Andrey Vorobyov, and Lyudmila Vorobyeva, the founder of the group of companies “Grand Land” (venture capital investment). She was also a co-founder of LLC “Barvikha — 4” on a par with the son of the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko Sergey Matvienko, also achieved financial success due to the high position of the mother.

“In 2016, “Barvikha” was attached to the JSC “dream house”, which is a Russian legal entity with two founders of the Cyprus offshore “PANCRAS LIMITED” and “KENTON HOLDINGS LIMITED”. The brother of the Governor of Moscow region Maxim Vorobyov, who until recently was one of the owners of the fishing of the holding company “Russian sea”. Today the group of companies comprises LLC “Rrk holding”, where the founders of the ex-Governor of Primorsky Krai Sergey Darkin, JSC “Russian fish Company” of the founder of the Cyprus offshore company “AVRORA INDUSTRIES LIMITED”, LLC “Russian Sea — Kaliningrad”, where the founders provided two previous company, OOO “Russian Rybopromyshlennaja” company”, — stated in the material.

Previously Maxim Vorobiev was a member of the Board of Directors of StroytransgazGennady Timchenko and was a shareholder of the Bank “Saint-Petersburg”. He had the attitude to the founders of the company “SPB Renovation”, which is now 100% owned by the Cyprus offshore “RETENSA ENTERPRISES LTD”. And these companies have a Sparrow who go offshore, not one, not two and not three. The firm recorded even uncles and nephews Andrei Vorobyov, and dozens.

The conclusion of their assets abroad high-ranking family, according to open sources, beginning in 2014 and will soon complete this operation called “flying West”.


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