The space researchers have recorded a series of radio bursts


Исследователи космоса зафиксировали серию радиовсплесков The unusual phenomenon may be associated with the activities of aliens.

Scientists of the canadian Observatory CHIME caught signals at a frequency of 400 megahertz.

It is worth noting that the fast radio bursts (Fast Radio Bursts) – single pulses up to several microseconds. The allocated energy exceeds that which giveth the Sun for many thousands of years.

The first such burst was recorded by the Professor, West Virginia University Duncan Lorimer in 2007. The first of a series phenomenon was later named after him.

For more than a decade, it was revealed 36 such pulses. Experts still have no idea about the nature of their origin.

Canadian astronomers caught the burst, starting from a point in three billion light years from Earth. Recurring phenomenon was registered for the first time. The signal came to us from the constellation of the Giraffe.

The media predictably associated such effects with alien civilizations. Scientists believe that the surge may be a sign of a rare phenomenon.

For example – turning the pulsar into a black hole, the merger of neutron stars or they can be the “last gasps” of the dying black holes. The latter phenomenon is described by British physicist Stephen Hawking.


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