The soybean crop in 2019-20 MG is expected at last year’s level


Урожай сои в 2019-20 МГ ожидается на прошлогоднем уровне

The world soybean crop in the 2019-20 season could fall to 341 million tons against the previous MG (359 million tons), analysts said the IGC in its report of 24 October. Before the prospect was more than 1 million tons. Recall that in the 2017-18 season, farmers around the world harvest of soybeans in the amount of 341 million tonnes.

Forecast of consumption of soy in the world to 2019-20 MG, according to the October report, the IGC raised to 360 million tons. The September estimate was inferior to the current 1 million tonnes. Compared to the 2018-19 year, the amount of usage will grow by 7 million tons, says “КазахЗерно.kz”.

The volume of world trade of soybeans in this season is expected to reach 151 million tons. A month earlier, expectations were for 1 million tons modest. In the 2018-19 year, this figure also was 1 million tons lower.

The size of carryover reserves crops in the world in the 2019-20 season may fall to 32 million tons. A year earlier, the reserves was 18 million tons higher. The September forecast was more optimistic at 6 million tons.


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