The son of Elena Korikova “suffered” because of drunk driving



23-year-old son of the star of the TV series “Poor Nastya” Elena Korikova Arseny became a cause of scandal. The young man was detained by law enforcement when he was intoxicated.

As it turned out, the heir of Elena Korikova celebrated the birthday of his friend, where he drank. But despite this, got behind the wheel. About it the press said the man Arseniy Korikova Cyril, who was at the festival.


“The holidays Senya not a fan of alcohol. But then we celebrated the birthday of a friend, persuaded, and so he fell, waved a pair of glasses for the health of the companion. At the end of the night I thought that all managed to breathe”, — quotes the young man “StarHit”.



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According to Cyril, the son of the actress was asked to stay friends, but he wouldn’t listen and made his own way. “He rested, and on the way home as luck would have it braked. Started to check documents. Senya did not resist. But one guard suddenly said, “why do you have red cheeks? Come to us in the car!“ Here korikov realized that nowhere to go. Of course, I tried jokes to talk to the inspector to not take the test. But the law will not disappoint. For refusing “to breathe into a tube” Arsenii was deprived of the license for a year and six months. Plus a fine of 30 thousand rubles,” — said a friend Arseny.

Neither Elena nor her heir while no official comment on this occasion did not.

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