The soloist of group “Time and Glass” showed pictures from vacation


The star reported that will linger in South Korea another day.

Popular Ukrainian singer and the soloist of group “Time and Glass” Hope Dorofeeva went on vacation to Seoul, South Korea. The celebrity went to the country with his girlfriend Valeria Borodina.

It is known that the star has skillfully combined leisure with work. Nadezhda Dorofeyeva, working with boutique Korean brands Sododo, traveled to Seoul in search of stylish and quality things. The singer has announced that the new collection would be incredible.

Despite the search for new things Hope Dorofeeva was able to take striking photos. In the photo, the singer happily posing with a colleague, do not hide delight from the trip. According to Valerie Borodina, is the third joint trip to Seoul, however, each time the star finds in the city, something exciting, something that gives inspiration for creativity.

Well, everything in this trip perfectly. And new clothes for Sododo and the weather, and even the food seems not as sharp, quite wrote Nadezhda Dorofeeva.

In addition, star announced that he’d be in South Korea for another day because her flight was delayed. However, it is unlikely the singer will be disappointed, because, judging by the pictures, she loved Seoul.


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