The solidarity of hunters and fishermen


Hunting and fishing competitions, competitions of hunting dogs not as widespread as other sports. Even less mass hunting and fishing. Therefore, for uniting hunters and fishermen in addressing common challenges, which are often written on the pages of hunting and fishing publications appropriate to the conduct of positive events, such as Day hunters and fishermen, conferences, exhibitions and festivals.

From 10 July to 30 October 2016 in Moscow and the Moscow region is held the international festival of hunters and fishermen “Path of conservation”. The festival aims to promote a positive image of hunting and fishing among the population, culture and ethics, the outdoors, hunting and fishing, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, active aging, hunting and fishing in Russia. The festival is aimed at instilling in the younger generation the feelings of a citizen, patriotism, understanding of concepts — homeland, the responsibility for it, paradolia and kindness; provides assistance to teenagers, including those with disabilities, in the education of man’s nature, to foster kindness, generosity, steadfastness, love and pride for their country. P. M. Machavariani in the book “Notes of the hunter’s hounds in the province of Simbirsk” noted: “the Attachment of a hunter to the homeland is boundless. With what love he looks into their fields, meadows, groves and all the surrounding countryside. Every Bush and hillock, gully eloquently of his memory of the pleasant events in a circle of good elected comrades”.

The festival’s motto is “Hunters and anglers for the preservation of nature of Russia, against poaching and the negative impact on the natural environment.” The festival helps to introduce children and adults to a healthy lifestyle, physical education and sports. In the program of environmental, sports, cultural-educational, spiritually-moral, vocational training and dog training activities. Among the environmental activities implementation of the competition program “Springs of Muscovy” and carrying out competition of projects of creation of a complex “the Museum of nature, science and technology of Muscovy” (1st phase: Development and presentation of the concept of creating a Museum complex). The photography exhibition of V. A. Koshkin’s “In the land of chalk hills and Tulip steppe”, contests of pictures coloring book “Nature of Russia. Animals”, children’s drawings and posters “let’s protect the native land nature”, which are the basis of cultural and educational events of the festival.
The organizers of the festival MSOO Moscow society of hunters and fishermen, MOOO Russian hunting club, RVC “design of expositions” and the “Crocus Expo” with the support of Moscow region Government, commercial and non-commercial organizations of the Russian Federation.

Information support to the festival in the Internet providing the sites of the annual International exhibition “Hunting and fishing in Russia” and Moscow society of hunters and fishermen.
Positive aspects of the festival, offering a consolidating basis for hunting and fishing, was the holding of the round tables in the framework of the International exhibition “Hunting and fishing in Russia” and celebrations of the tenth anniversary of the consecration of an icon of the Cathedral of the patron saints of hunters and fishermen in the Church of the Resurrection in Sokolniki, Moscow.

Festival events allow you to combine education, culture and technology of conservation. They contribute to the consolidation of hunters and fishermen, help give children and adults a pride and responsibility for the natural heritage of our Motherland, are a creative communication between professionals and Amateurs contribute to the development of technologies of formation of modern environmental consciousness.


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