The skeptics can win a third of seats in the European Parliament


Евроскептики могут выиграть треть мест в ЕвропарламентеAlliances can “limit the ability of the EU to preserve the European values.

Anti-European parties could win a third of seats in elections to the European Parliament in may, which could “undermine and cause irreparable harm” to European trade, security and defense.

Today, about 23% of MEPs – members of the euroskeptic parties of the far left and far right of the spectra. However, according to the study, as well as our own forecast, Politico, their number could grow to a minimum of 33%.

Despite deep divisions between the eurosceptics, the report noted that deputies will probably form alliances to reduce Europe’s ability to work on foreign policy, reform of the Euro zone and freedom of movement.

In addition, these alliances can “limit the ability of the EU to preserve the European values on freedom of expression, rule of law and civil rights,” warned analysts in Berlin.

In particular, if the eurosceptics will strengthen the presence in the Parliament, they can block the startup procedure of article 7 of the European Parliament, as well as to be a hindrance to the negotiation or ratification of a free trade agreement.


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