The signs of cancer frequently ignored


It is important to know about them.

Experts in the field of health stated that if you detect cancer in an early stage, it can give a positive prognosis for treatment, reports the with reference to Browser.

It is important to detect the signals of the body in case of illness. It may be an ordinary cough, heartburn or itching on the body.

Cough. Cheerleaders only have a cough that persists for long periods of time. If during the month you notice that the cough does not recede, then you should seek the advice of a specialist.

Heartburn. Another not very good sign is regular heartburn. You can encounter this problem due to overeating or the abuse of fatty foods. However, if heartburn bothers you quite a long time, it is also a reason to seek medical attention. Usually this symptom indicates the malfunction of the whole organism.

Itching. You should pay attention to this symptom, as it may indicate the presence of malignant tumors. Especially should alert itching near the moles and birthmarks. The discomfort associated with itchy skin can indicate liver cancer, leukemia or lymphoma.

Blood in the stool. A symptom of bowel cancer may be a small amount of blood in the stool. Of course, very often this issue is caused by hemorrhoids or other such problems, but check your body still stands. This way you will protect yourself from colon cancer.

Swollen lymph nodes. As a rule, enlarged lymph nodes talking about the many problems in the body. This is especially obvious in the case if you feel pain. In order to rule out a malignant tumor, you should seek the advice of professionals.


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