The sights of the world, surprising the alien landscapes. Photo


They should see with their eyes.

Sometimes you come across a photo of some unknown places of our planet and just can’t believe this place really exists and the photo was taken in our time and in our world. A small selection of such places, which understand that still nature is still able to surprise people, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

Three sisters — a chain of dormant volcanoes, Oregon, USA.

Lake Serversman (also often called the “lake over the ocean”), the Faroe Islands.

The fly geyser, Nevada, USA.

Lake Baikal, Russia.

Canyon, the Wave, Arizona, USA.


Beach in Alentejo, Portugal.

Pond Abraham, Canada.

Colorful mountains national Geopark Zhangye Shaoguan, China.

Cave in Wisconsin, USA.

Desert in Northern Arizona, USA.

Pink lake Hillier, Australia.

The Godafoss Waterfall, Iceland.

The Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia.

Socotra Island, Yemen.


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