The Shuvalov Palace, hiding from human eyes


Дворец Шувалова скрывают от людских глаз

In the houses next door, no Windows or they “bricked”.

On the website of Alexei Navalny published a new video dedicated to the estate of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov in the village of Zarichchia, reports The Insider.

But the main element of the plot was not the manor house itself is worth 8-10 billion rubles, and the house elite residential complex “SKOLKOVO Park” which is next to Shuvalovsky Palace and the forest. It turned out that the apartments in these buildings from the South-Eastern end is separated from the view of the “cottage” the Vice-Premier concrete barriers, so that residents are unable to look to the right.

Дворец Шувалова скрывают от людских глаз 

In another case the Windows on the South side not at all. It is logical to assume that one of the main objectives of such urban innovations — close to the tenants of the review.

The presentation of the project of the residential complex, by the way, it is indicated that this construction was imposed many restrictions, including to the South couldn’t do the Windows “for security reasons”, and “to avoid views of the private ownership of land located in the South-East part of the flats in the housing 1 is designed one-sided, and the housing 6 oriented end on the South-East.”

“We got out as best they could,” said project architect Vladimir Plotkin.


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