The shops of Britain began to refuse to accept notes with Churchill


Магазины Британии стали отказываться принимать банкноты с Черчиллем

The UK stores are refusing to accept banknotes with a picture of Winston Churchill; the reason for the refusal to accept new wear-resistant five-pound notes was the fact that many of their owners are trying to validate the money on the strength before to pay them at the stores.

According to The Sun, notes with the portrait of Winston Churchill with a nominal value of 5 pounds, admitted to circulation in September, was advertised as extremely durable, due to the fact that not made out of paper and polymeric materials.

After such announcement, the holders of the banknotes began to put them in the washing machine, to burn, to tear, to dry, to scratch, to drown – in order to check whether they are indestructible, as stated in the Bank of England, reports RT.

After testing bills usually tried to pay in stores, which led to the fact that many sellers have to refuse to accept damaged banknotes with Churchill.

Earlier it was reported that in the UK from 13 September officially comes into circulation the new banknote with a portrait of Winston Churchill with a nominal value of 5 pounds.


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