The shelling of the children’s hospital in Syria suspect Russia


В обстреле детской больницы в Сирии подозревают Россию

В обстреле детской больницы в Сирии подозревают РоссиюIn Syria’s Idlib province in an airstrike by government forces killed 17 civilians. One of the shells hit the hospital building. Among the dead are children.

FACT. According to the Turkish Anadolu Agency, the attack on Idlib was made by the aircraft of Assad regime. Air strikes were inflicted on human settlements Tattenai, Binnesh, Ariha, RAM Hamdan and benny. In Tattenai under fire hit children’s hospital. Killed five people, including three children. Only in an airstrike in Idlib province, which is controlled by opposition forces, killing 17 civilians. Rescuers continue to assort blockages.

By the WAY. London, the Observatory on human rights in Syria said the strikes were Russian aircraft. The Russian defense Ministry denied this information.

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