The secrets of metabolism, which few people know


Секреты метаболизма, о которых мало кто знает Nutritionists reveal all the secrets relating to metabolism.

The most adults about the metabolism what is known is that it depends on a person’s appearance and his weight. Many even confuse it with the organs and systems of the body, considering that the metabolism is amenable to “training” and optionally his work can be establish, but in reality the situation is somewhat different.

Those secrets metabolism little is known:

1. Metabolism is all different. All people are different from each other and even if you take two people with identical weight and proportions of the figure, the rate of metabolism in their 100% will be different.

2. Metabolic rate is affected by the menstrual cycle. Calorie burning at rest in the second half of the cycle can speed up or, conversely, to slow down, due to which women can dramatically better by 1-2 kg, but in the beginning of the cycle the weight will be restored.

3. In older people the metabolism slows down each year. In old age the human body can not dissipate as much energy at rest, as in his youth. With it, outwardly the person may look young and even boast of excellent health, but metabolism still will have less speed.

4. To accelerate metabolism spices to lose weight, will not work. The vast majority of people who are overweight, have heard that weight loss is very important to speed up the metabolism. In the course are hot spices, coffee and other products that do accelerate metabolism, but not significantly and not enough to lose weight.

5. To speed up the metabolism, the gym. The more developed muscles and less of fat layers in the body, the more energy will be consumed at rest, and this means that the rate of metabolism will increase several times.

6. Diets slow down the metabolism. And all because on any diet anyway people reduce their own body mass and it turns out that the additional energy the body already does, that is, metabolism almost stops.

7. After weight loss over at least 10% of the initial weight metabolism slows down and the lost weight can return if you don’t start controlling yourself and your weight. With this problem faced only a few, but still, these people exist and nothing to blame myself that scored overweight, in fact it’s all in the metabolism.


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