The scientists told, when will the ice caps melt Greenland


Melting glaciers can cause a new deluge.

Scientists from the University of Alaska gave the new disappointing Outlook on the future. Thus, the melting of the ice of Alaska after only two centuries will increase ocean level at 50-160 cm, which is 80% longer than previously thought, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

So the numbers were more revealing, it is worth noting that in the previous century, the water rose only to 17 see the Rapid melting of glaciers threatens, first and foremost, island States such as Tuvalu. Fatal consequences will be felt in Bangladesh and Nigeria. Rich countries may reinforce the coastline, while the poor will only follow its collapse.

The results of the study were presented in the publication PNAS. NASA officials determined that Greenland could completely lose its ice by the year 3000. By this time, the water will rise by about 7 meters.

Such a plot will occur if the number of emissions will not decrease. Experts analyzed three different computer models. In best-case Greenland would lose 30-57% of ice.

Also, maybe the island will lose ice in the North and West. Humanity must urgently take steps to reduce greenhouse gases, it somehow stabilizes the situation.


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