The scientists told, when puppies attract people the most


Ученые рассказали, когда щенки привлекают людей больше всегоPeople almost always choose the puppy in the photo in the center.

Scientists from the University of Arizona discovered the age at which the dogs seem to be the people most dear. As shown by the results of the study, people are attracted to puppies at the age of six to eight weeks. Scientists say that at this age, puppies usually occurs the separation from the mother and they need human help.

During the experiment, the researchers used pictures of cane Corso, Jack Russell Terrier, and a white shepherd. The survey participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of dogs 39 pictures taken at different times — in pictures of animals was from one week to seven months.

As shown in the experiment, the cane Corso is the most attractive to a person under the age of 6.3 weeks Jack-Russell-Terriers — 7.7 weeks, and the white shepherd is 8.3 weeks. The least emotion among the people was the newborn animals.

Scientists believe that the results of the experiment are linked with natural selection and the centuries-old process of domestication of dogs. “Their ability to find a rapport, establish an emotional connection with us helps them to survive,” says Clive Wynne, the head of research.


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