The scientists said what will happen to our planet in 30 years


Ученые рассказали, что будет с нашей планетой через 30 летThe consequences of warming, according to climatologists, may be irreversible.

Scientists from the Australian national University believe that the Earth will turn into a deadly greenhouse in that case, if will be saved of the current conditions. According to researchers, preserve the temperature increase to 1.5-2 °C, as specified in the Paris agreement, is not enough.

“Hothouse planet,” after 32 years, our Land may become the case if the average temperature of the planet will increase by 4-5 °C in the long term. It is very important to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases “warm up” the Earth. In order to achieve such disastrous results, not necessarily to wait long as the temperature rise specified in the agreement may entail consequences, which will gradually increase the temperature of the planet even without a post-intervention of mankind.

The researcher will Steffen believes that our body is already irreversible connection. One of them, according to the scientist, is the thaw of the glaciers. One of the consequences is the gradual disappearance of tropical forests.

All the consequences that we now can see, can talk and work like “effect of falling dominoes”. Because of this, according to researcher Johan Rokstrem, can disappear in a population, and most places on the planet will be uninhabitable. Recall that recently scientists have declared that the Great barrier reef in North-East Australia is suffering from the effects of global warming. For the salvation of coral and underwater inhabitants local authorities undertake numerous actions, including firing salt dispersion of sunlight over the abyss.


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