The scientists said that will save the world from plastic and garbage


Ученые рассказали, что спасет мир от пластика и мусораThe problem of plastic in the ocean is of concern to many scientists.

A new study has shown that small zooplankton are capable of digesting microscopic plastic fibers (less than five millimeters), before bring them back into the environment in an even smaller form.

Author Amanda Dawson (Kim Dawson) discovered this phenomenon while working on a project with glass microspheres — of polyethylene plastic that is often used in cosmetic products such as facial scrubs, to test their toxic effect in a special aquarium with krill.

“We realized that the krill actually destroys the plastic, it was amazing,’ said the researcher from Griffith University in Australia. – It’s hard to say what the consequences will be, but in theory, the plastic in the ocean has degraded and become more fragile, the krill will be with them even easier to handle.”

The problem of plastic pollution is widespread and the situation is deteriorating rapidly. Every year more than eight million tons fall into the ocean, causing enormous damage to marine ecosystems and killing about one million seabirds, one hundred thousand marine mammals and untold numbers of fish.


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