The scientists said that pushing people air pollution


Ученые рассказали, на что толкает людей загрязнение воздухаPeople with more contaminated areas capable of unethical behavior.

Scientists from India and the United States came to the conclusion that air pollution has very serious consequences for people. It is especially dangerous to human relationships: it pushes the fraud and criminal actions.

Experts determined that air pollution increases the level of anxiety. In order to prove their hypothesis, the researchers made a thorough analysis of data on 9360 cities of the United States for the last 9 years. It turned out that in cities where air pollution is more – the high level of crime.

Research staff conducted other experiments. A study was conducted whose objective was to assess the tendency of respondents to use unethical methods of negotiations. Participants were asked to write about how they live on site with clean or dirty air.

It turned out that people with more contaminated areas are able to unethical behaviour more than respondents who wrote about life in “atmospheric”.

The researchers conducted another experiment. 256 participants received pictures of environmental pollution and without. Then they were asked to imagine that they live in the area and to reflect on this topic. Further the participants of the experiment provided an opportunity to perform a task on the computer. Correct answers are perhaps to 50 cents. Then subjects were told that a computer program made a mistake and you can learn the correct answer by putting arrow cursor to a certain place. Scientists recommend not to do this. The experts observed how often the participants will watch a hint. Volunteers who consider themselves to be residents of the contaminated area, peeked at the answer more often.


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