The scientists said, because of what started the ice age


Ученые рассказали, из-за чего начался ледниковый периодAll life was forced to adapt to the new climate.

Scientists believe that the glacial period was caused by the major fire of the Earth. So, the researchers found that almost 13 thousand years ago there was a massive fire, which was caused by falling pieces flying comets.

Clouds of dust engulfed the planet, this marked the beginning of the ice age. Prior to that formed the glaciers retreated, but nature has forced them to re-expand. Mankind and animals have experienced a lack of food.

Natural disasters affected the change in the currents of the oceans. Earlier it became known that scientists falls within the huge glaciers of Antarctica.

There are studies in order to know the temperature of water under the glaciers. There is a hypothesis that at the present time it is warmer than fifty years ago, when was made the last measurements.


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