The school postponed the celebration of Christmas for Muslim students


Гимназия перенесла празднование Рождества из-за мусульманских учеников

Christmas party in the gymnasium of Luneburg (lower Saxony) has caused debate because of dissatisfaction with the Muslim students worrying about which, the management of the school postponed the celebration for after hours.

This year’s Christmas concert was moved to the afternoon. Traditionally the event is held for children and adults during compulsory lessons, but because of Muslim pupils leadership postponed the event.

The reason for the transfer of the school holiday was complaints of Muslim students in that Christian songs performed at the concert, contrary to their faith. According to school leadership, it is necessary to care of students of other faiths, so a visit to the feast is not obligatory, in addition to this it was moved to daytime after basic training.

The Catholic Church reacted to the postponement of the traditional holiday in the following way: “the Performance of holiday songs is no recognition of other religions, we’re not talking about the divine office”; “the Fact that the festival cannot be conducted during school hours, it’s sad and absurd”.


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