The scandal with the “Russian” Crimea in the top British newspaper: new details


The famous newspaper the Guardian from the UK has decided to erase the word “Russia” with illustrative photos from the occupied Crimea in the article about the festival “Tavrida-Art”.

Wrote about this Russian propaganda edition of Russia Today in his Twitter, reports the with reference to

Now photos signed simply “Crimea” instead of “Crimea, Russia” as it was before. While the photo itself is owned by Russian photographer from another Internet publication of the Russian Federation, as in The Guardian mentioned.

In Russia Today expressed regret that praised the British newspaper the informal recognition of the annexation of the Ukrainian Peninsula.

“The Guardian has removed Russia from the signature under a photo of the festival “Tavrida — ART”. Now there is just a “Crimea”. Before we praise them”, write the Russian propagandists.

Users in the comments have a good laugh with another “information bubble” Pro-Kremlin publication.


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