The satirist, who died


Сатирик, который умер

And I feel sorry for Zadornov. It was not a bad satirist. His works, as well as the texts of other authors, with whom he performed at the time, I would now carefully published anthology, necessarily built in chronological order.

Do not rush to turn the finger to his temple.

Just so happened that in his youth, in the 1990s, I fell into the hands of the owner with his satires of the perestroika period. And they were pretty good, in my then opinion. Sometimes even very critical. The theme of “they are stupid-s-s-s-s!” he has not saddled. Like any normal satirist, he mocked her, not over other people.

If I were a Deputy, I would say: — That for nonsense to argue, as is better to live under capitalism or socialism, if socialism had not been lived in! And how can you wonder why we are a great underdeveloped state! It is time to directly answer this question, the Communist party can not cope with their Communist duties. With his cope, and with a Communist — no way! And this is understandable. First, not all members of the party of Communists, party members much more. Secondly, communism is a worldview. No country in the world where there is democracy, ideology is not the reason for receiving the salary. And if after all that, it is necessary to assign ranks: senior Communist, a leading Communist, the acting Communist.
— Who are you by profession?
— A mechanic. Beliefs — Communist.
— It is clear. And you?
Teacher. Also a Communist.
— Also understandable. And you?
— I’m a Communist.
— What do you do? What can you do specifically?
— I? It… what is it? Well, do not you understand?

Replace “Communist” with “patriot” and the second half of the text is to Troll some of our contemporaries.

Anthology Zadornov — a history of the disease. Not him, darling, and the whole environment of the reader, on which he focused — they are degraded together, reaching for a pair of decades from the above to this.

And it’s very interesting and very important. How Germans have fallen to Nazism, studied the best mozgoedy the first half of the twentieth century, Erich Fromm to Viktor Frankl. How Russia’s population is mutated from people in the electorate of Putin, will have to study us.

You say, you do not confuse! The Germans really mutated, but these just came back in the usual state of the unusual.

Perhaps, but the fact remains: in the 1990s, Russia still had the most important quality that separated man from the “jacket” — the ability to laugh at themselves.

It’s already hard to compete with all-consuming resentment — a post-Soviet analogue of the Weimar syndrome. But it was. His unsuccessful struggle with the ninth shaft “cotton” narcissism is clearly visible in the works of that time, including various “peculiarities of the national” and other “Cops”, where from episode to episode, from season to season there is less and less truth and more propaganda ringing.

Paragraph 1, of perestroika. The Russians — so far mostly intellectuals laughs and mocks Soviet reality. They say that we, their habits, their drunkenness, sloppiness and eternal Scam, has brought himself to such a life.

At this time, Zadornov acquiring popularity by publishing a feuilleton “the Ninth wagon” on how to train hitched two wagons with the ninth number and the confusion it led to. All recognize themselves. Comes to cheer.

Item 2, the post-perestroika. This irony begins to hatch a touch of narcissism. They say, Yes, we sit on the stove until we podzhopnik not give. But if you give, we will jump in and alone cross a dozen enemies. Yes, we drink, but can drink the most! Yes, we are slobs, but that’s why we’re lucky! We drunk launch two missiles hit two targets and get the captain of the third rank!

“Bacillus AIDS to us does not stick! They in our climate do not live!” writes then Zadornov. Just a couple of years the stats opened — and the joke was not funny.

Paragraph 3, narcissism eats the irony. We don’t just get up from the oven and alone cross a dozen enemies. We are still above them, rattling and scratching floor, the lecture will read. About the dangers of the Western way of life and our moral superiority. The spokesman of the national sentiment becomes Danila Bagrov — vindicated monstrous frostbite scum.

Here Mikhail Nikolayevich map and went.

His early stories about “stupid foreigners” actually was a mockery of the Russian reality, where foreigners naivety exposed its absurdity.

But Zadornov too was sensitive to the viewer. Too quickly realized that the audience ceased to laugh at those episodes, where opened his own stupidity — and the fun begun to cackle from the feeling of superiority over others.

And could not resist the temptation to use it. Especially because it clearly resonated with his feeling. In some sad day Masturbation in Mikhail Nikolayevich defeated the satirist.

The rest of his work is already moving on an inclined plane.


And pseudohistory, and paganism, and a glorification of Putin, and jokes about the “Boing” is an indication that his new role the former Joker took seriously and took too much to heart. Suit eat a clown: Zadornov rapidly degraded General line of the party. Degraded and the whole country — but he was in the forefront, somewhere bending the stick and managing to get ahead of myself. His career is a history of the Russian collective unconscious, reaching from reflection and self-irony to the monstrous arrogance and repressed anger in the world, in which “the stupid” is still more prosperous.

And it paid off. For the performance he was paid up to 35 thousand euros. The price of a small apartment for jokes about “Boeing”, which was heavier than air. The Russian public wanted to hear and were willing to pay for it.

I am very sorry for a good satirist Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov, the deceased quietly in my head somewhere in the second half of the 1990s. And a little sorry for all those millions of his countrymen, held the same way.

But as they say in such cases, the zombie horror, the main thing is to remember that it is not them.


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