The salary of teachers has increased significantly


Зарплата учительниц заметно возросла

After hearing that Russian teachers do not have enough money, a “benefactor” told them, “no Money, but you hold fast.” And advised them to do business.

Now the Russian teacher can feel at ease to do tutoring in Turkey and learning Turkish macho speak the language of Pushkin.

But since Mediterranean countries have enough visiting ladies to provide language services, and not only business teachers could stall, if they begin to dump. And this in European countries is punishable.

Therefore, to meet the needs of school businesswoman, they were produced sparinvest – unique fins to attract the attention of Turkish men wanting to communicate with Russian women.

Now the Russian teacher can saunter on the Turkish embankments and beaches in search of customers in the original shoes with heels.

They say that their “benefactor” also likes to appear in public in shoes – thick soles and heels. That’s probably a lie…


Sergey Paliy.


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